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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Week of 19-May-2013 in Review

A Note to our Family & Friends:  Facebook is a great forum we use often to post things as we go, but when there is more to share, it just isn't that convenient.  And I've had many people suggest that we start a blog to chronicle this crazy adventure in greater detail....  So, I'm finally getting this venture up and running.  I don't pretend to be a great writer, and certainly have a lot to learn from some other out-of-this-world bloggers out there, so I trust that you'll all bear with me as I get my feet wet and see how this goes.  Thanks for your interest, and off we go with Blog Post Numero Uno!

Once again, our expat adventure in India proves to be UH-mazing...

Evidence #1: Last weekend, I battled my first I-should-probably-see-a-doctor-illness here in India.  This need became apparent after Todd asked me one morning what I thought about the drums/horns/singing/fireworks for the wedding celebration taking place below our window from about midnight to 1am, to which I replied, “What wedding?”  The amazing thing about being here is that you can see a doctor for next to nothing (650Rs = $12), and he will actually make a house call.  Then, after the good doctor has written his prescription for antibiotics, a decongestant, and pain reliever, the couldn’t-be-nicer-staff here at Beverly Park sends a nice boy to run out and fill the prescriptions and deliver it right to our flat for another 150Rs = $3.  Two days later, I was as good as new and ready to tackle what comes our way next.

Evidence #2: I ventured back to the construction site on Tuesday with the expat group from our apartment complex to spend the afternoon with the kiddos.  I posted about this previously here and here on FB if you're wondering what that's all about.  We're doing our best to try and give the kids a modicum of exposure to very basic English (shapes, colors), number sense, and letter recognition.  We've got about 20 li'l beans who have been coming, and we'll have to see how stable/transient that group is over the coming weeks.  These kids come running when they see our cars pull up, and have smiles on their faces the whole time they are with us, despite the fact that they only speak Hindi and we only speak English.  Honestly, I think us volunteers may get more out of the experience than the kids!

Evidence #3: Jalebi...  Enough said.

Evidence #4: MONKEYS!!!

Evidence #5: When stores are opened here in India, they really know how to do it right!!!  An auspicious beginning is a MUST!  I know Todd thought this was just about the absolute coolest thing he's ever been a part of.

Evidence #6: A table of expats sat next to us when we were out for dinner last night.  It’s almost impossible NOT to clue in to other expats, especially Americans, because day-to-day we really are sort of few and far between. Shamelessly, we listened to their Midwest accents, and then made guesses about where they were from....Chicago?  Detroit?  Our friend, Brian, took the initiative to go up and introduce us all, and found out they were from Cincinnati.  Close, but no cigar...oh well.  Regardless, we struck up a conversation, found out that they are HUGE OSU fans (sad, I know :), at which point we yelled “Go, Badgers!” true Big 10 camaraderie fashion, we exchanged contact info, and Todd and I have an invitation to join in on their tailgating fun this Fall.  Granted, it will be in the middle of the night here, but - hey - it’s football!!!

Stay tuned for more next week!


Mel & Todd


  1. This is awesome Mel

  2. Agreed! That's a few months worth of cool experiences in one week! Can't wait to see more...